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Hey there! 

I'm Hayley, a freelance illustrator and skate-deck designer, currently based in Edmonton, Alberta. I run Paper + Ink, and am also captain of The Skateboard Collective, creating custom skateboards and longboards for guys and gals. Most days, you can find me obsessing over my latest project, covered in coffee, glitter, spray paint and sawdust. 

I am mostly known for my clumsiness and freckles, but if you dive in a little deeper, you'll find out that I am a pretty passionate artist, just looking to make the world a little bit cooler. I love motivating and inspiring people to nuture their creative minds, and I truly believe that all art is good for the soul. 

The things I am most passionate about in life are: coffee, family, friends, french fries, creating, and my silly cats. As a freelance artist, I have been featured on CBC Radio One, Global News, CTV News, the Edmonton Journal (twice!), and in FASHION Magazine- just to name a few! I have worked with brands such as FIDO, Vice Media, and La Maison Simons. 

                                     Bestival Festival with  FIDO  and  VICE

                                    Bestival Festival with FIDO and VICE

When I'm not busy creating, you can catch me: 

  • struggling to learn the ukelele
  • attempting to invent a caffeine IV drip
  • shopping for vintage dresses (I also run an online shop called Lux Vintage!)
  • walking my cats...yes, I walk them and yes, it's cool.

Still here? Click here and let's connect! I would always love to hear from you. You can also email me directly at hayleywr@gmail.com and give me a follow on Instagram (@paperinkart).


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The following is a list of all of the contributors to The Skateboard Collective Kickstarter campaign. I couldn't have gotten this project off the ground without all of your generous help so THANK YOU!

 Kickstarter Contributers

Kickstarter Contributers