Isolation Is The Dream Killer (and other motivational Ted Talks)

I have a pretty bold statement to make, so I think I'll make it literally in bold:

I am not a lazy person.

...I should clarify: I am not a lazy person, but I could win contests for procrastination. I might be the world's worst couch potato (unless I'm napping and then I practically melt into it like a gourmet grilled cheese). Even though I always have to be busy doing something, anything, it doesn't necessarily mean that I am being productive 100% of the time.

One of my favourite ways to fake efficiency is by watching Ted Talks. It might seem silly, but I honestly love them. Some of the most intelligent people come together to share their expertise on a particular subject in short, impactful segments, most of which are 20 minutes or less. You can barely make pasta in that little time so wouldn't it be great if you learned something that might change your life? 

Earlier this week, I watched one in particular that really resonated with me, titled Isolation Is The Dream Killer, Not Your Attitude by Barbara Sher.

In this 21 minute talk, she talks all about dreams, and why she feels so many people fail to realize them. She discusses things like why blaming bad attitudes, negative thinking, or lack of efforts are lousy excuses as to why we can't see our dreams come true. Her theory is that, as humans, we are all programmed by nature to want to help others. Of course, this is more or less true depending on your own values and personalities (and whether or not "helping someone" means sharing french fries because sorry that's not happening). But the overall idea is the same: we value success and if we can do something to help someone else achieve success, we will.



"They said to create your own reality.

I didn't believe that. "


The more I thought about her theory, the more I felt she was completely right. After considering many events in my own personal and professional life, I have achieved the most success when other people went out of their way to help me or connect me to someone who could. What I love about Barbara is that she has dedicated her whole career to this theory, forming groups of strangers who come together to share their dreams and their obstacles. Once the obstacle has been stated aloud, the entire group tries to brainstorm of how they can help that person. Her Ted Talk is filled with many funny and touching stories which further prove her point, and it's absolutely worth your time. 

As someone who has watched many, many Ted Talks in her 27 years on this planet, only few have ever really stuck with me like this one has. I'll try her experiment below by stating my goal, and my obstacle. Maybe you can help? Maybe you know someone? Or maybe you can just share your fries? 

GOAL: to operate my art business full-time (with a studio space!) and not have to worry about dying from a ramen noodle overdose

OBSTACLE: lack of finances and the risk of inconsistent freelance work, which makes paying for a studio space nearly impossible. 

Feel free to comment your own dreams and obstacles below- you know know who might be reading! 


1. How To Stop Screwing Yourself Over, by Mel Robbins.


All good things,