PHOTOSHOOT: Teresa McKernan


I met Teresa only once before. We did a collaboration photoshoot with Edmonton's Dallas Currow. I was immediately floored by her beauty (more on that later) but fell in love with her personality.

Teresa might just be the sweetest soul I have been lucky enough to work with. She's kind, patient, adventurous and a killer model (who just got signed with Mode Models- go girl!) 

When I asked Teresa to collaborate on this shoot, I was soooo excited when she said yes. I dressed her up in this stunning Zara blouse, accented with this incredible floral collar from Magnus Clothing Company, and glued some iridescent stars to her face. She looked like one of my paintings come to life- in fact, I just might have to draw one of these photos!

We met for coffee just as a thunderstorm was rolling in. I was pretty confident it would blow over until the sky started rumbling and I knew we were in trouble. I had originally wanted to do the shoot in front of this beautiful lavender bush I had found but we were about to get rained out. We toyed with a few options: re-scheduling, re-locating, or waiting. 

We checked the weather radar and saw that the storm had just passed by Spruce Grove (which is about 30 minutes west of downtown Edmonton). Teresa suggested we drive down there and see what we could find. 


Let me tell you that I was not at all prepared for how incredible this last-minute change of plans would turn out to be. After our mini-road trip, we ended up in a field of long grass and a few small rolling hills, tucked right into the industrial part of town. Despite the bajillion mosquito bites we both endured (poor girl was wearing shorts!), I would say it was so worth it.

We first photographed this brand-new skateboard design, featuring shades of pink and accented with marbled chrome (click here to shop this deck!)

When we had finally finished in the field, I thought we might have enough time to run back to Edmonton and still get those photos in front of the lavendar bush. We were in the car, warming up and ready to go, when we looked over and saw the most incredible sunset beginning to form over a small pond that I somehow didn't see when we first arrived.

We ditched our plans yet again and raced to change her outfit and grab a different board. We decided to shoot this longboard, featuring floral accents by Rifle Paper Co. and one of Biggie's most famous rap lyrics from the 90s- you can shop this board here! 

We were rewarded with the most magnificent sunset (aren't post-storm sunsets just the best?!). I'll let the photos speak for themselves: 

Just as we were wrapping up, Teresa (a fantastic photographer herself!) was kind enough to grab my camera and snap this little pic of me, right before the sun dissapeared for the night 😍


To shop the boards in this photoshoot, please click here.

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Photography and Skateboards by Hayley Wright

Modelled by Teresa Mckernan of Mode Models