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Would you like to create a completely unique gift for yourself or a loved one? Read on and fill out the form below with your ideas for your custom skateboard and/or longboard deck! 

Skate decks and longboards can be customized using spray paint, wood-burning, and other creative materials.

CUSTOM SKATE DECKS: Prices begin at $140 for simple painted work, and range upwards of $300 for detailed and intricate wood-burned pieces. All skateboard decks are created using 100% Canadian Maple, featuring 7 sturdy layers of pressed veneer. All custom skate decks come shipped with black or clear grip tape and a hardware set. Trucks and wheels are not included. 

CUSTOM LONGBOARDS: All custom longboards begin at $200 for painted work or simple wood-burning and can range upwards of $500 for very intricate and detailed work. All longboards are crafted using 100% Canadian Maple. Various shapes can be selected depending on availability from the manufacturer. 


To complete your custom order, please fill out the form below with your ideas and your email address. I will contact you via email to discuss your board further. Alternatively, you can always contact me directly via email at

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